About Odessa

Odessa Pictures was originally incorporated early in 2003. The company is now run by Suzi McGowan and

Stephen R. Powell. Together they bring years of experience behind the camera, shooting, directing, and editing documentaries as well as serving in some of those same capacities for projects by independent producers, major networks, and not-for-profit organizations, and many others.


Today, Odessa Pictures is a full-service media and content development company offering concept development and project management to a wide range of clients. We work with media industry professionals who are looking for specific services as well as with organizations of all sizes and varieties that rely on us to build their film or video from the ground up -from concept to completion.


Because the creative core of the company and the principals are the same, we are personally connected to each project. We offer a professional continuity for our clients that larger companies with high staff turnover and junior staff cannot provide.


Telling the story

We focus on creating world-class projects that help open new markets from Main Street to Madrid. In addition to our technical expertise with the tools of film and video, we have years of experience in retail, international acquisitions, and distribution, and we are eager to help you position, develop, and brand your organization or product. We’ll show you how to take an idea and maximize its potential as a revenue stream.


The right tools for the job

Depending on your needs, we can shoot in HD, 2K up to 240FPS, 4K up to 120FPS, and 8K. We keep up with the latest developments in video, packaging, web deliverable, and production technology, so we’re always on the lookout for new technical advances that will fit your specific situation. We are now able to offer true infra-red spectrum filming.


Global reach

No only do we offer video production in Buffalo and Rochester, we routinely travel far and wide for out clients. Our location list includes shoots in North America, South America, Southeast Asia (Thailand, China), Africa, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Odessa Pictures, Inc. is a full-service video and content production company with extensive experience working with everyone from major television networks to small organizations working on their very first media projects.

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